The Journey to Date – Part 2 “The Dark War – Mind vs Body”



The chicken or the egg?

Does the mind control your body or does your body control your mind?  Does feeling skinny and a face full of makeup make you feel better and ultimately make you happy, or is our mind to blame for even thinking that all  of that should be the reason for our happiness in the first place?

Reminiscing back to Grade 6. My Kmart not-so-sports shoe with socks poking out the top, my purple Piping Hot school bag with matching lunch box, back tight pony tail on my unflattering freckly round face, rather smart and definitely a TP (teachers pet) and a lovely layer of ‘puppy fat’ to go with it all. Just a normal child going through school trying to learn like my parents taught me I should when I go to school and wearing things they could afford to put me in.

In grade 6, none of this mattered. No one cared, and it never categorised me in being either cool or uncool. Give this whole package to someone a measly 2 years later entering into high school and immediately, your school status has been predetermined and there is a very high chance you will not be making friends with the ‘cool kids’.

Oh boy oh  boy do I remember begging mum for those pink Etnies. Those affordable and durable Kmart school shoes she bought me only a year before were definitely not an option anymore.






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